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Pearl iZUMi Rebuild

This project was fairly intensive, consisting of three Shopify storefronts and many months of production work. My role was mainly to scope out and plan solutions to technical challenges, offer support to junior developers, and provide necessary support to the client while they were navigating their new site(s).

Much like Artistic Tile - a previous project build - this site's data lives almost entirely outside of the Shopify platform. They had unique transactional data being sourced from a data warehouse, as well as product-specific metadata being sourced from the Salsify commerce platform.

As an agency focused mainly on Shopify frontends, it was a challenge to collaborate and plan the timeline of our work amidst the shifting landscape of the client's data -- some data was provided late, some data was incorrect, some data was provided but not necessary. They also had a key stakeholder exit the company, taking with her plenty of domain knowledge related to (you guessed it) their data management. I think all of the parties involved were challenged to step outside of their comfort zone, and while it provided a few late nights on my end, I'm proud to have been a part of this project.

To check out our work, see the sites below: